FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Precautions for participation

Reserved Time System

OriHime Diner and Bar & TeleBarista are all reserved seats, with limits on seating time.
A area: OriHime Diner (75 minutes)
B area: Bar & TeleBarista (45 minutes)


On the day of reservation, please show our staff your reservation confirmation email. If you have lost the confirmation email, please come to the store at the time of your reservation. We will reference your reservation on the day.

Arrival Time

Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation time. Since seach session starts at a set time, please make sure that all of your companions are also present by the reservation time.

Automatic Cancellation

If the customer is late to the reservation for more than 10 minutes, their reservation will be automatically cancelled and placed on a waiting list.

No Entry During the Event

Please note that admission during the event is not permitted due to the nature of this cafe. Menu for the day of reservation is available on our official website. (Click here for the menu)

Seating for Children

If your child sits alone or uses a stoller, they will be counted as one person. However, if you child sits on your lap, they do not need a seat and will not be counted towards a seating fee.

Children's menu

Children's menu (1,000 yen) is available.


Caregivers also requires a ticket for seating.


For customers who need dietary support (weaning food, dysphagia, ect.), we lend out equipments. We also offer a stretcher service and power supply for respirators. Please include these information in the reservation form.

Barrier-free Bathroom

There is a barrier-free bathroom which can be acceced with a stretcher. Equipped with assistive bed and ostomate.


We do not offer any private parking lot. Please use the nearby parking lots.

Customer Service Content and Notes

OriHime Service Area

In the OriHime Diner and Bar & TeleBarista areas, where reservations are required, avatar robots called OriHime and OriHime-D will serve as cafe staffs.

Customer Service Details

In the area where reservations are required, OriHime pilots will be available for customer service and free talk.


  • We are very careful about the operation of our robots, however there is a possibility of mistakes or malfunctions that cold lead to some accidents. We would appreciate if customers could help our pilots by supporting them when drinks are spilling, or if you are wearing expensive clothes, by avoiding to sit on the aisle side.
  • Touching OriHime-D is strongly prohibited due to the possibility of accidents such as malfunction, clothing being caught, or pinches that leads to injuries. Ideally, we would like for customers to be able to shake hands, give high-fives, just for every customers to have more communication with our pilots. However, due to its possible dangers, we ask that customers understand that touching OriHime-D is prohibited.

About Crowdfunding Tickets

Expiration Date

All tickets issued through crowdfunding are valid between June 22, 2021 and December 20, 2021. Any tickets after the expiration date will not be accepted for any reason.

Entry Limits

Each ticket from crowdfunding can be used for 4 people at once. Please invite your friends if possible.

Reservation Required

Pre-order tickets are available for specified date and time. Please make a reservation through the reservation form. We will be e-mailing the reservation dorm from May 10, 2021.

Cancellation and Changes

If you wish to cancel or change the reservation, please click on the link located at the bottom of your reservation confirmation e-mail.

Reservation for Multiple Tickets

Only one reservation is possible using one ticket. If you wish to make reservations using multiple tickets, please make your reservations through the provided link.

Reservations for August and Beyond

Currently, reservations are only available only until the end of Juy. Details about reservation from August and onward will be released in early July. Since this is an experimental cafe, we are constantly experimenting and adjusting our operation. Therefore, we are only able to publish reservation a month at a time, as our schedule may change.

Approval of Reservations

Once you select a date and time on the reservation site and submit your reservation request, we will check your reservation against our list of GoodMorning supporters. Please note that it may take up to a week for us to approve your reservation as we are currently operating with limited number of staffs.

How to Transfer your Ticket

If you would like to transfer the ownership of a ticket itself to another person, please ask the person who supported us through GoodMorning to make a reservation with your information. If the information of the person who supported GoodMorning and the person who made the reservation in the reservation system do not match, the reservation will not be accepted. If you are a GoodMorning supporter, please make a reservation and invite your friends to the store on the day of the event, there is no need to go through any procedures.

Response to the spread of COVID-19 infections

Control Measures in Stores

In order to prevent the spread of infection in our store, we are taking measures based on Tokyo Metropolitan Government's guidelines. We are taking temperatures of both customers and staffs, provide alcohol for disinfection, and also ventilating according to the guideline.


If we are unable to hold an event due to the spread of COVID-19, we will notify all the customers through email and our website. For most of the case, events will be postponed and rescheduled, however other measures may be taken.

Same-day tickets

No tickets will be sold on the day.

OriHime Diner / Reservations accepted until 5pm the day before

Please make a reservation at least 24 hours prior to the reserved time at the OriHime Diner website.

How to enjoy without reservation

Use of Area C (CAFE Lounge)

There is no need to make a reservation to use the CAFE Lounge (C Area).

Inspection of cafes

You can enjoy the cafe without a reservation. If you wish to visit the reserved areas (OriHime Diner, Bar & Tele-Barista) where OriHime will be serving customers, please do so from Area C (CAFE Lounge). However, non-reserved customers are not allowed to enter the reserved area.

Product Sales Corner and Sponsor Corner

In addition to the café area, there is a sales area where you can purchase original merchandise from the Avatar Robot Café, and a sponsor's area where you can freely enjoy the event without a reservation.


Please fill out the questionnaire.

We are conducting experiments and researches on the floor of our cafe, and questionnaire are provided to every customer to improve the service. We believe that this is an important opportunity for us to ask the participants of this open experiment about the possibility of working with avatar robots and what we can improve in the future. We look forward to your cooperation.

Please post your impressions on SNS.

Please feel free to post your impressions on SNS, follow the pilot's account, or send us online updates from the site, as this will help motivate the pilots and improve the cafe.

Contact Information

Store phone number


Business hours

10:00 - 19:00, closed irregularly