Diner Menu

In the first and second Avarat Robot Café, we were only able to serve beverages.
However, in creating a permanent business, we wanted our customers to enjoy a full meal as well.
For that, we have prepared a special menu for this café.
We plan to expand our menu upon requests and in accordance to the season.

※ This is a menu for OriHime diner.
For the Café Lounge menu, please download the application from here.


  • Ory's first choise! Roast Beef Burger

    Ory's first choise! Roast Beef Burger

    This is a signature dish of our diner. The juicy roast beef is made from Japanese beef. It is a hearty burger, directed by Ory Yoshifuji who is a big roast beef enthusiast who said "I could never compromise on meat dishes." Drinks included.

  • Roast Beef Plate

    Roast Beef Plate

    Made from Japanese beef, this plate is cooked at low temperature for hours, giving it a silky, creamy taste. It come with mildy flavored rice and seasonal vegetables, along with drinks.

  • Salmon and Seasonal vegetables cream stew

    Salmon and Seasonal vegetables cream stew

    A rich Japanese cream stew , packed with seasonal vegetables and salmon.The secret ingredient, miso, makes the stew come together and gives it a deep umami flavour. Drinks included.

  • Bitesize minced meat steak plate

    Bitesize Hamburger Steak Plate

    Simpel yet juicy minced meat steaks composed of pork and beef. They have been made in to bitesize portions so you can fully enjoy the taste of the meat without loosing any of its juicy umami. Drinks included.

  • DAWN Special Spice Curry

    DAWN Special Spice Curry

    This is a medium to hot spicy curry, created together with Manos Sangenjaya, This curry’s original spice blend includes 15 different spices, giving it a rich and complex flavor.

  • Vegetable plate with a side of stew

    Vegetable plate with a side of stew

    A healthy dish with plenty of seasonal vegetables. Choose between two homemade dressings. Comes with a side of cream stew.

  • Kids menu; stew plate

    Kids menu; stew plate

    Cream stew with salmon. A kids plate with a slightly mature Japanese taste. Drink and dessert included.

    • Wheat
    • Milk
    • Soy
    • Pork
    • Chicken
    ¥1,500(Tax Included)
  • Kids menu; minced meat steak plate

    Kids menu; minced meat steak plate

    A juicy minced meat steak plate that lets you enjoy the simple taste of the ground beef and pork. Drink and dessert included.

    • Wheat
    • Egg
    • Beef
    • Pork
    • Apple
    • Soy
    ¥1,500(Tax Included)
  • Curry Set for Kids (Low Allergen)

    Curry Set for Kids (Low Allergen)

    • Milk
    • Wheat
    • Soy
    • Allergens in some of the sweets:
    ¥1,000(Tax Included)
  • Meatball set Set for Kids

    Meatball set Set for Kids

    • Milk
    • Wheat
    • Soy
    • Chiken
    ¥1,000(Tax Included)

Petit Desserts

Original petit desserts according to the season.

Varies by season. Please ask our staff for details.
¥300(Tax Included)
  • Sweets Menu

    Seasonal Sweets Plate

    Seasonal Sweets Plate

    A plate of fluffy chiffon cake, seasonal fruit compote, and baked sweets. Drink included.

  • Dinner Menu

    Appetizer Plate

    Appetizer Plate

    Our roast beef sided with marinated vegetables and cheese, for a balanced appetizer


Drink Menu

Original Coffee Blend "OriHime" (Hot/Cold)

Original Coffee Blend "OriHime" (Hot/Cold)

This coffee is specially blended by Tailored Cafe to match the concept of our store. It has an unique, gorgeous sweetness along with quintessential bitterness of a coffee, which makes this blend easy to drink for everyone.

All of the coffee served in our Avatar Robot Café are produced by TAILORED CAFE.
Produced by TAILORED CAFE.

TAILORED CAFE, which develops and supervises our coffee, is a personalized, cashless café based in Azabu-Juban and Roppongi. It is operated by Kankaku, with the goal of "Creating a new lifestyle with the power of technology and creativity". The cafe offers a wide selection of coffee beans, ranging from light roast to a deep roast of beans. Customers can choose their favorite flavor from the many different beans, according to their mood. By ordering and paying in advance using "COFFEE App", customers can pick up their drinks without wait time.

  • Guava tea【HOT】

    Guava Tea【HOT】

  • Earl Grey【HOT/ICE】

    Earl Grey【HOT/ICE】

  • Chamomile & Citrus Tea【HOT】

    Chamomile & Citrus Tea【HOT】

  • Cola


  • Orange Juice

    Orange Juice

    Allergens: Orange

  • Engard Hydration Jelly (Peach / Red Grape)

    Engard Hydration Jelly (Peach / Red Grape)

    A jelly drink for people with waek swallowing ability. Product information:

Alcohol Menu

  • Marihana - COEDO

    Marihana - COEDO
    (Session IPA)

  • Lucky Tiger - Kizakura

    Lucky Tiger - Kizakura
    (Pale Ale)

  • Premium Organic Beer - Echigo Beer

    Premium Organic Beer - Echigo Beer

  • House Wine

    House Wine
    Red Italian Sangiovese
    White Italian Trebbiano Chardonnay

※We do not serve alcoholic drinks to drivers or anyone under the age of 20.

Barrier-free information

Snack Toromi
Supervised by "Snack Toromi", a sommunity of parents with children in need of dietary support such as dysphagia. (Managed by NPO D-SHiPS32)